·20190627 Pervasive Chromatin-RNA Binding Protein Interactions Enable RNA-Based Regulation of Transcription 2019-06-28
·20190125 Genome Editing with mRNA Encoding ZFN, TALEN, and Cas9 2019-01-25
·20190121 CRISPR-Cas: A Tool for Cancer Research and Therapeuti?cs 2019-01-21
·20181204 MARCH3 attenuates IL-1β-triggered inflammation by mediating K48-linked polyubiquitination and degradation of IL-1RI. 2018-12-06
·20181101 Endocrine Regulation of Energy Balance by Drosophila TGF-β/Activins. 2018-11-02
·20181015 SHQ1 regulation of RNA splicing is required for T-lymphoblastic leukemia cell survival. 2018-10-15
·20180918 The Zinc-Finger Protein ZCCHC3 Binds RNA and Facilitates Viral RNA Sensing and Activation of the RIG-I-like Receptors. 2018-09-18
·20180822 ZCCHC3 is a co-sensor of cGAS for dsDNA recognition in innate immune response. Lian H1, Wei J1, Zang R1, Ye W1, Yang Q1, Zhang XN1,2, Chen YD1,2, Fu YZ3, Hu MM1, Lei CQ1,2, Luo W 2018-08-22
·20180329 In vivo genome editing partially restores alpha1-antitrypsin in a murine model of AAT deficiency 2018-03-29
·20180227 USP2a supports metastasis by tuning TGF-? signaling 2018-02-27
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